United Airlines 777-200 Domestic Service to/from Boston

United Airlines has decided to start sending to newly revamped 777-200 on the Boston to San Francisco routes. I’m really excited to see these bad boys because there hasn’t been any widebody domestic service to and from Boston for more than a decade. UAL will send them out in October and it will last until January. I hope I’ll be able to spot them before service is over and I hope that UAL extends this service.

UAL also added some more domestic routes with the 777-200. Read more about it from this article


yeah its weird to see big planes on domestic routes but Iberia were using a A340-600 for the Madrid to London route for quite a long time which is a bit weird to see before they changed it to a A320 I’m sure the plane was only ever half full

Does anyone know if these aircraft have 10 abreast seating?


Lots of example from around the world

Air NZ uses 789/77W AKL-SYD
Eva and China airlines uses 747-400 HKG-TPE
Air Canada uses 77L/77W/787/330 YVR-YYZ

UA should be linking these such it can do hops like SFO-BOS-FRA etc


dont they also use the 787-9 on domestic Houston-Denver-Francisco/LA

I didn’t realise 😂, I have corrected it now

American does the 787 to dallas from la…

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Qatar Doha-Bahrain A340, 777 and 787(30-45min)

Emirates A380 and 777 Dubai-Kuwait 30m (8 flights Daily)

Royal Jordanian 787, 330 and 340 Amman-Aqaba (25-40min) Rare use, they used 787 3 times and 330 5 times and 340 2 times ( I remember)

Once i saw Ethiopian send 787 for an 8 minute flight (Scheduled, not test)

There are plenty of airlines that send large aircraft on domestic routes, there were plenty of airlines back in the day in the US that sent widebodies between hub cities. Currently, this practice is prevalent in Asia where airlines leverage the massive populations and offer low fares with impressive service on large jets often kitted out with long haul hardware when those planes are not being used on long haul flights. Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are the foremost practitioners of this strategy.

The first flight is inbound. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get a picture of it.

Seems to be a high demand of passengers for that route… Copa normally uses the E190 for the flights to David, but sometimes uses the 737-700 or the-800 when there is a high demand of passengers.

BOS-SFO is a busy route primarily for business people.


United is configuring some of the old non-ER 777-200s for domestic use. It’s mostly through hubs I believe, but cities with high traffic, like Boston and San Juan PR, are getting service too! Pretty cool I think!


Yeah, very cool. It’s the first time Boston has seen daily domestic wide-body in 10 years. Hopefully other domestic airlines follow.

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I agree! If any airline will, I would guess Delta, since they often fly widebodies domestically to non hub cities. Boston could easily get 763 service to ATL or LAX.

One time, I did see a 763WL on one of the ATL-BOS routes

They do use the 763, however, it’s not daily. I think it’s only used on weekend.

Not unusual for that route. 763s are commonly domestic.

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I really want to see a widebody on an LAX route or maybe even ORD.

@Noroftheair I wouldn’t be surprised if it went daily! Delta has a sizable operation in BOS.

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