United Airlines 777-200 2019 livery

I am part of United Virtual (UVAL) and we would all really like to see this livery inside of IF. I’m aware that there is no 200 picture, there are only a few so photos are difficult to find.

Yea we really need this! Not sure why it was not added with the update as UA is one of the biggest :)

Lucky you
There is already a feature request for the -300

You can create the -200 one though

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I agree. Very disappointed this wasn’t included.


Oh I thought they added it … because of the reg we spotted on one picture !

Rule number 176: don’t speculate👀. Will only lead to disappointment

Even the registration in the game is N79011. Here is N79011 below.


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Already 08 votes?

Yes! We need this livery! So sad that this didn’t make it in the game! 😣

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