United Airlines 772 at the Portsmouth International Airport

Hey everyone!
Im back with another great spotting topic, this time about a United 777-200 that came overseas from Europe.
I did not work today, but did get up early to catch this airplane at PSM, since we never get a Boeing 777.

I hope you like the pictures, sorry for the fence, and the other end of the runway was being used (Runway 16).

United 777-200 at Gate 1

taxiing to Runway 16

Turning onto the runway

After departure, going to El Paso, TX


Nice topic! Well done!

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Nice shots! Any idea what the UA 772 was doing in PSM? We were wondering about it.

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Military Charter from HHN. Unusual to see Airlines like United and Delta at PSM for that stuff, but it does happen.


Ooh! I actually saw this aircraft once it landed in San Francisco after a flight from El Paso!


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