United Airlines 767-400ER

(Note I looked and saw nothing but a feature request FOR the 767-400ER) image(Credit Bruce Roll)

I wish we had this livery in IF, the livery looks stunning on the 767-400’s shape… I wish this could be in IF because it just looks Beautiful! (Please give feedback if you want this)

Nice, and it is your profile picture

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Well I mean we already have the 300 but that’s a new aircraft. I like that…

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I would also like the old livery on it but… only one pic per feature request

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True… Well. it’s rules.

Very nice! Looks like the 78J

What is the 78J, is it the 787-10

Nice, I like the United Airlines Livery. It fits nicely in the 767. Also, the 767-400ER is a very nice aircraft.

Yes. It is a 787-10.

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Ok, thanks, I’ve seen that with other planes likethe a35k
( Airbus a350-1000)

I think that this aircraft isn’t necessary in the game we already have the 767 300 and I would rather prefer a 777 rework or an a330 or a340

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This would make a fine addition to the IF fleet!

Why don’t we just bring the 767-400ER in general before we even start asking for liveries.

This was the same plane that flew me from EGPF-KEWR (Glasgow- Newark)
I wish I could vote for this, but thanks to the ridiculous voting system of 5 votes, I have none left :(

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It’s not ridiculous. You just proved why it works, if anything.

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