United Airlines 767- 400

Hello, IFC,

This request topic is for the United Airlines livery to be added onto the 767 - 400 to be added on IF.

The 767-400

The 767-400 can carry a crew of 6 and a maximum of 491 passengers. It has a range of 5,624 NM, a top speed of 459 knots and a service ceiling of 43,100 feet. It is 201 feet long and has a wing span of 170 feet.

United Airlines

United was founded in 1926 as Varney Airlines. It is now based in Chicago and with a fleet of 779 aircraft, it serves 342 destinations thanks to it’s 88,000 employees. The company slogan is “Fly the friendly skies”.

Credit: Tyler B.

Thank You So Much, @ewanfleming!

What do you think?
If you would like this, please vote, but if you don’t vote, don’t mention your support. Thank You!


In my opinion, this livery feature is kind of pointless. 😕 We already have United Airlines Boeing 767-300
( Both liveries ) in our fleet. The Boeing 767-400 will come in a long way into Infinite Flight when the rework takes place.

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We need the variant, first. Livery looks good on it, though.

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Whats the problem with people commenting about how they support this? Not everyone has votes left, but still want to show the moderators that they support this livery

Are you sure it can carry maximum of 4911 passengers 😕

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We need this aircraft.Although there are only 2 main operators it still is pretty useful.
Can be used on Transcontinental,Trans-pacific,and Trans-atlantic.
The current UA livery is not the correct way United has them,Or delta.
It is probably meant to resemble the 767-400 but still kinda bugs me not complaining
You got my vote

Are you sure?


Oh, sorry, Typo, corrected it !

This would be a great livery to add on the infinite flight fleet

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