United Airlines 767-322ER (Star Alliance Hybrid)

I’m requesting this livery, as I’d think it would make a unique little addition to IF. This livery was painted onto a United 767-322/ER with registration N653UA. I believe this aircraft still houses the star alliance livery, but in its modern form.
Source to the photo
Photo credit belongs to Konstantin von Wedelstaedt.

If this is a duplicate, I’m sorry and you can close this. I looked for a while seeing if there was a duplicate, but found nothing.

This is a very classic livery but it still is very elegant! This should be added when a 767 rework is announced!


I wonder if this is still allowed?


Bump??? I wonder if this counts as an alliance livery….

While this is a very cool livery, unfortunately Infinite Flight no longer allows #features requests for special liveries.

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