United Airlines 757-200: ORD to DEN Night flight

Here’s some screenshots of a night flight I did from Chicago O’hare to Denver, I increased the brightness on the night photos to make it easier to see. Server: none, I was flying solo.

Picture 1

Parked at the gate in Chicago

Picture 2


Picture 3

Taxiing to runway 4R

Picture 4


Picture 5

Getting out of Chicago

Picture 6

Cruising as the sun goes down

Picture 7

Descending into Denver

Picture 8

Final Approach

Picture 9


Picture 10

Parked in Denver


Hey I really like your pictures but your only allowed to have 10. Just an FYI so you don’t get your thread closed or anything like that.

oh shoot, i gotta change that, thank you for telling me that

Amazing pictures!

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Your welcome! Just trying to help, I would not like to see it closed!