United Airlines 747 engine failure incident's cause.

This is a word of mouth from the instructor of my class who works at United airlines SFO base jet or engine shop
The United airlines 747 that had a mechanical problem with engine no.3 had to divert back to SFO. So according to my instructor a stone went into the engine core and damaged the compressor’s sixth stage’s blade and other stages after that causing a compressor stall( sort of like wing stall cause the turbine blade are small wings rotating fast) . They had to dump a lot of fuel over the bay( don’t worry about the water pollution coz dumping fuel at 10000 feet will evaporate it well before it gets to the water). There was no injury reported and the plane made it back to SFO safely.
And that’s how a piece of pebble wrecked a $15 million engine.


Yikes, that’s bad

What incident was this? You might want to edit your title and make it more descriptive. :D

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I saw this on the Avherald. Thank god everyone is/was safe.

I mean, they do have 3 other engines, lel

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Not enough to reach Tokyo Narita. Plus you could’ve damaged the wings with the piece of blade piercing through the wing or leaking fuel or hydraulic fluid. Happened to a Qantas A380 once.

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As soon as one goes I’m sure procedure is to land as soon as possible and in this case it probably caused a bit of damage to other parts

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Obviously they’d land

Here’s the story

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