United Airlines 737-900er Trip Report! Featuring Dan and a horrible Southwest Pilot

Hey everyone Kaden here! I appreciate your guys feedback on these and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I’m gonna try to stay consistent but at the same time I do have school and I work throughout the weekdays, not only that i’m also fighting with my depression disorder once again. Like i said i will try to stay consistent but i’m not sure if it’ll happen. Thanks again and enjoy this one!

Southwest Pilots

Airline: United
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900er
Flight time: 05:02 hours

Hello and welcome back to another miserable Trip Report, I somehow spawned into Washington Dulles and got a free ticket to San Diego. Today I will be flying United’s 737-900er across the country. Let’s get started shall we? So like I said I spawned in like how I spawn in on Minecraft and was instantly at the gate, not sure how so someone please explain! We were getting ready to board so I had to take a quick picture!

Finally on board after almost being thrown on because I couldn’t get a good enough photo. Since todays flight was in the morning I had the whole row to myself so i’m glad i didn’t have to sit next to some kid or even Ted the dude from the Revolutionary War. As we were getting ready for our pushback the flight attendant came over and asked if I was single to which I replied “Yes but when i’m talking to you, no”. She pouted and walked away. Thank god. I was hoping we were gonna go to the runway closer the sunset but unfortunately we weren’t. I still got a decent photo though!

wow just like that were at 36000ft! Flight attendants started inflight service and I was hoping for a good meal but considering i was being truthful to the flight attendant i knew i wouldn’t be getting anything better than a bag of peanuts that has already been opened. I wonder if there’s any hidden Mickeys in here?

As we started our descent into San Diego I noticed at the corner of my eye another plane cutting in front of us and I wasn’t having it so I yelled “WERE GONNA DIE!”. And just like that the plane turned to the south, I was hoping we were gonna go to Mexico so I could get away from all the American Airliners but sadly we weren’t. Not long after that we were back in our line and ready for landing. It was pretty bumpy this morning even though the sky was clear but I enjoyed it. Reminded me of the Hawaiian Airlines flight from Phoenix to Honolulu recently, where all the people were hospitalized… Anyways I was able to grab a photo of the plane who cut us off and of course it’s southwest 🙄.

100… 50… 40… 30… 20… 10… oh yeah we’re not on an Airbus so I don’t get to be bullied today.

I welcome you to San Diego International Airport, where the local time is i don’t care. As I left the Aircraft an A350 just landed from Munich. Todays flight was fun and thanks to @United403 for the free voucher. Thanks for working for Americas worst- I mean best Airline! Here’s my overall stats of todays flight:
Airline: 9/10
Aircraft: 10/10
Seat: 7/10
Inflight Service: 5/10
Flight Attendants: 6/10
Overall Report: 9/10

Oh and one last thing! Hi Dan


These are brilliant haha.
That close up pilot shot is petrifying

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I love reading these topics so much. Keep up the good work!


And I thought the pilot was a fictional character :v

Great pictures!

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I had just finished reading a travel report, when I remembered that a few days ago I had read a very good one. What did you do on 04/Feb. I looked through the posts I liked and found you.

This is really good to read! Great photos with a great story. Thanks!

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thank you!

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