United Airlines 737-900ER (Continental Blue Skyway Livery)

When I saw this livery at Logan, I instantly fell in love with it and thought it’d be cool to have it added in the sim. We need some more retro liveries don’t you think? ;)

(not my photo)


My favorite 737 livery after Copa 😂

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Looks amazing!

well Copa and United are the sam… (gets shot)

The only thing that changes is the logo in the tail, remember that Copa had a alliance with Continental, they were the main shareholders of Copa, since then they adopted a new corporate image similar to Continental (Continental didn’t mind of it, if they cared about it they would sue Copa, but they didn’t). But now I think it’s time to rebrand the livery, United still has the alliance with Copa.


Only one hashtag works here: #ILOVERETRO.
Truly an amazing liv.
Something funny: When I read Continental I thought it’s written Confirmed

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This is a must have for IF, suc a beautiful livery and I see it in allot of plane spotting videos in IAH