United Airlines 737-700 Star Alliance


I’m back with this feature suggestion about the United Airlines - Star Alliance being added to Infinite Flight. This is actually a cool livery. Now you may ask why I am here making this new request about this plane today because I would love to see it on Infinite Flight. This picture now has split scimitars in it. You should vote for this awesome livery. Copa Airlines is also partners with Star Alliance. I would love to see this plane added to the Infinite Flight Simulator really soon. I just can’t stand for this plane. I want to request this one with split scimitars. not the one without the split scimitars… have a look at this livery. Let’s get some voting in the way and let’s get this in-game real quick I want to show you all these airlines in the star alliance team

Here are the Star Alliance members:

       Adria Airways JP.

       Aegean Airlines A3.

       Air Canada AC.

       Air China CA.

       Air New Zealand NZ.

       ANA NH.

      Asiana Airlines OZ.

      Austrian OS.

Thanks for looking at this beautiful aircraft. I hope you all vote for this Copa Airlines - Star Alliance livery??


Vote here, please, and please utilize the search bar before posting.

In addition,

Why is the title United when the picture is Copa? This is a 737-800 photo, as well.


No worries that title was just an accident I changed it to Copa Airlines 737-800 Star Alliance livery. You guys are all fine?

Alright, now that it is clear, can we vote here?

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The title is United when the picture is United? Because I am wanting to request it. I wanting to know about that. The point is. It was just an accident

So we went from United to Copa and now back to United? What are you requesting? Both of the features you’ve requested are linked above.

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I am requesting the United Airlines Star Alliance 737-700

Hey man, I suggest you to chill out with making feature requests for a while because not only you created like 5 topics in last few days but all of them got closed because they were all duplicates.

I also suggest to do research before creating feature requests as IFC is already very saturated with them. Just a note that when there is already a certain feature request on IFC it should appear to the right side of your screen.

All the best,


What’s Up guys, I am being calm I was just trying to tell you that I am requesting this I also found that the 20.1 Update was here. I was spelling IF simulator and It means Infinite Flight. Just voted for the Sun Country Airlines New Thread, Sun Country 737 old livery & the IFC stands for Infinite Flight Community. It’s the short term how to spell it & It’s short for people to make sometimes. the IFC means it appears to my right side of my screen. I really would love to see this livery very soon.

All of my buddies,

Yes, and it is a duplicate, like most of your requests…

Just search before creating topics and all will be good :)


I understand my guy but in case you didn’t know the topics that you create are duplicates, and duplicate topics are not allowed on IFC as it just creates clutter in the forum.

I hope you don’t take any offence to this. I’m just stating facts and rules/guidelines about what you can post on IFC and what you cannot okay? ;)


There’s no need for the additional discussion here. Click the link above, click the vote button, and done.

I have just voted for an Embraer E-145 because everybody wants it to be added

Okay, good for you. Not sure why that had to be mentioned in front of all of us.

I’d suggest taking a good look at the #features category rules and the community guidelines, and to utilize the search bar. With this, you can find all the features that you want, because if you have an idea, someone else probably has the same one too.


That’s not entirely true, while it does have quite a handful of votes don’t claim that everybody wants it to be added.

And for the future, you don’t have to ask the community for permission if you can vote for a certain aircraft to be added to IF. If you want the Antonov planes to be added just vote for them yourself instead of making a post about it ;)

As Thunderbolt mentioned take a very careful look at the #features category rules & guidelines to ensure this won’t happen again okay?

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