United Airlines 279 (MCO-EWR) Takeoff and Landing (Video)

Hey guys! A week or two ago, I flew United from Orlando to Newark. Check out these two youtube videos I uploaded of the taking off and landing. Enjoy!




The Orlando landing approach scenery on [United Airlines] (http://www.united.com/) flight 279 in an Airbus A320 looks simply stunning!


You probably flew over my house lol

Nice video! Night landings are always really cool.

4:18 cleared for an immediate takeoff? Normally aircraft turn onto the runway, then wait 3 seconds then you the engines ruumble and all of a sudden your traveling at 100 miles an hour but in this case it looks like the aircaft turned and immediately took off.

I landed in Newark, not Orlando

This is pretty awesome considering I drive past KMCO almost every week, and recently drove past Newark International on a trip to Boston. Saw my first 787 taking off right as we drove parralell to the runway 👌🏽


Norwegian on Heinzelman?

Oh I’ve never seen a Norwegian aircraft land at KMCO, but I drive on Heinzelman any chance I get. I’ve seen Lufthansa’s A340 land, and obviously the two Virgin Atlantic 744’s that always arrive together. I saw my first 787 at Newark while driving on the highway. British Airways, couldn’t tell what model 787 it was though

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