United Adds New Long-Haul Route - Chicago to Tel Aviv

United Airlines is adding nonstop service between Chicago and Tel Aviv.

Despite low air travel demand, the aviation industry is continuing to recover with airlines adding dozens of new routes. Most of these new routes have been short-haul or domestic flights, but we’re finally seeing more long-haul routes.

Beginning this September, United Airlines will launch nonstop passenger service between Chicago O’Hare and Tel Aviv. The route will be operated 3x weekly on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

This will be United’s fourth route into Tel Aviv:

  • Newark (launched August 1999)
  • San Francisco (launched April 2016)
  • Washington-Dulles (launched May 2019)
  • Chicago (launching September 2020)

This month, United plans to continue operating its passenger Newark to Tel Aviv route and resume nonstop San Francisco to Tel Aviv this Wednesday. Additionally, Washington-Dulles to Tel Aviv will resume in October.

This Chicago to Tel Aviv route currently has zero direct competition. EL AL was supposed to inaugurate this route in March 2020, but wasn’t able to due to plummeting air travel demand.

United is likely taking advantage of EL AL’s suspension and siphoning off of whatever passenger demand’s left over and the crucial cargo/medical supplies.


Image: N24976 | Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner | United Airlines | Tim Bowrey | JetPhotos

United Airlines adds more international routes for September | Reuters

Overall, great to see the aviation industry recovering, and another long-haul route added despite the world’s situation.


This was bound to happen. Too bad El Al suspended operations :(


Interesting to see, only a few months ago EL AL said they were starting to fly to KORD. And now with United we have 2 operators going there. Nice to see another connection between the cities.

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Very exciting news!

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I don think 11 hours is Ultra long haul
But this is cool

Nah, it’s just a regular long-haul.

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Well if there are a couple good things that came out of the pandemic, route planning is definitely one of them… since many airlines are flying repatriation flights, now they know what destinations (some unserved) have a high demand. Was reading about this earlier today, like how there was a need for 30 repatriation flights from Delhi/India to Ukraine, and how now Indian airlines know that it’s a huge market.

I’m sure United has had their eye on this for a while, but maybe they didn’t see enough demand for 2 787s (or whatever El Al was going to use), and it’s likely El Al may have been able to give cheaper fares. But, this probably just gave United a little push to begin the route. Interesting for sure!

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Hmm this is cool, I am really happy that United added this route so I could use a star alliance card to visit Jerusalem and Palestine, this place that has always been on my bucket list!


Trying to compete with el al obviously…

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Yep. I agree

That is awesome! Hopefully one day DEN-TLV will finally be a reality!

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I hope so too. DEN is severely negligent by United in it’s long hauls. DEN-TLV would be a great way to break out of the slump.


I mean DEN-FRA launched in May 2019 and DEN-LHR went year-round.

Meanwhile IAH hasn’t had a new long-haul since 2017.

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From what I know, Denver is United’s regional hub. Of course there are couple exceptions like Denver to Tokyo, London, and Frankfurt, but other than that, it’s mostly just relying on connecting traffic. For example, United used to fly a 788 from Denver to San Francisco, but never from San Francisco to Denver. These flights arrived in San Francisco just before the European-bound flights bank, so they got a lot of connecting traffic. They also flew mostly 737s and sometimes 777s from San Francisco to Denver, so it showed that there was a lot more demand flying DEN-SFO than SFO-DEN.

At the rate DEN is growing though, I’m sure there will be a couple long hauls coming soon. I’d expect another one to Europe like Munich or Zürich, and if it’s in Asia I’d expect Osaka, Shanghai, or Hong Kong

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