United Adds Bus Service From Denver & Expands 4 Florida Routes

United BusLines?

Photo from The Points Guy
United has announced an ingesting strategy to be able to provide service to other cities around the Denver area that is not able to be served by air, but they will instead be served by bus. The first 2 town that will receive this service will be Breckenridge and Fort Collins.

The bus routes will be operated by coach busses operated by Landline painted in the United “livery”. Once-daily service to Breckenridge begins on March 11, while four-times daily Fort Collins service begins on April 1.

United says

“Right now, flyers headed for a Breckenridge ski vacation or to visit Fort Collins must rent a car, use a rideshare or take a public shuttle to get to their final destination. This requires maneuvering through Denver’s three-concourse airport and claiming checked bags before finding ground transportation.”

Among with this announcement, United expanded 4 routes to Florida from Denver. This is likely to complement the bus service announced. These flights will be the following:

  • Denver (DEN) to Destin-Fort Walton Beach (VPS): 32 added flights
  • Denver (DEN) to Pensacola (PNS): 18 added flights
  • Denver (DEN) to Sarasota–Bradenton (SRQ): 18 added flights
  • Denver (DEN) to West Palm Beach (PBI): 39 added flights

These are 2 big announcements for United in 1 day and I’m interested to see if this bus strategy will work!


Weird turn of events, but I love Breckenridge❤️

Fly cough I mean ride with United!

That’s Fortnite’s battle bus. Thanks for the news though :)


@Z-Tube cough biggest United fan here cough

Funny enough, I was looking at flights to Denver this morning since we plan on going skiing (COVID dependent).

Breckinridge looks likes an even more appealing option now!


Time to go bus spotting at DEN 🥴


Cool to see United experiment with different travel options.

The Denver to Florida stuff was from January tho

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I am genuinely stupid. I thought that said February 26, apparently it says January 26. Anyway, they have an announcement about routes… Not a duplicate so I guess technically it’s allowed? 😳😳😳😂👀👀😂😂

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ride the friendly buses

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Does it have Polaris?


Wow! That’s pretty cool. Just imagine driving on I-70 through the mountains, just to see that United bus. Wouldn’t want to be on it myself, but it’s still awesome!

United: Ride the Friendly Roads

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United, the first to fly in the air and ride on the road.

This would probably be one of the only coach buses that I would be willing to ride on in America.

The wheels on the bus go round and round,

Round and round,

Round and round,

The wheels on the bus go round and round,

All through the town,

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Wow smart idea from United, another attractive way of getting people travel for leisure purposes. Kudos to them 👏

Will you go with me Tyler?

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