United A350-900

United just recently converted the order for the A350-1000 and replaced it with the A350-900
Will be delivered from 2022-2027



if you like this livery request don’t forget to hit the “Vote!” Button in the top left.

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Livery requests are seperate from the actual aircraft.


Okay, I guess. It’s up to the moderators then.

Along with what @Daniel14 said, livery requests are different than the actual aircraft request.
PS I think United should replace the order of A350s withs 787s, just better


It the cfo of united he or she can’t decide what aircraft first it was the a380, then the a350-1000, and now the a350-900.

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I don’t like it. It’s not appealing


An airline announces they will buy a new aircraft, and someone is already making a feature request for it…

We don’t even know if this will be the livery for it, and they won’t come til’ 2022. This was made way too early.


There is actually already a request that was closed because of inactivity.

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Great request! I do think that if IF decides to add the A350, this livery should definitely be considered.

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If you like then please vote! And maybe we will see it in IF one day!

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Hey, thanks for posting, but this is actually a duplicate. United orders 45 Airbus A350-900s

This is a feature request and the link you provided is an excerpt from Real World Aviation ;)


As a crazy United lover, it would mean the world to have this livery added. That’s like saying, “Emirates first class on the A380 free for life?” My response would be the same for both of those questions: “heck ya!”

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Then vote for it and maybe we will see it one day in IF!

Or maybe just expect FDS know next year that United airlines is buying some. Like the 787, Qantas still doesn’t have it, yet we got it’s Livery (wrong one but see it may happen with United as well.)

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My mom never said that… but I changed the post

He is entitled to his opinion, just because he doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean that he is at fault.

I really like this livery and I do find it appealing, although as some people have said, I think it might be a bit early to say if it’s for sure.

@AndrewRG10 The Qantas was scheduled to come this year, so when the devs released it, it wasn’t a long time till the plane comes, unlike this United which is coming in 2022.

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I also love United. But I mean in my mind, this request was made 5 years to early. It’s a wonderful livery, but I mean, why use my votes for something in the pretty far future and not use them for new current things like the 737-MAX etc. This will get my vote though in 5 years time.

I think it’s too early to ask for this