United A350-900. Sunset out of SFO

Flying out of SFO on the training server. VFR flight to nowhere. Flight time was around 20 minutes…


Hay nice picture, but your only allowed to post one post every day (24 hours)

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Oops. Sorry, didn’t know that. Should I delete it?

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I mean leave it up we all mess up sometimes

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Awesome pic. Can’t wait for United to get the A350!

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I know right! But sadly we have to wait until 2022…🙁

…2027 according to United since the pandemic started. I believe they deferred the A350 until 2027

😮 WOW. Didn’t know that! That’s a long time. Hopefully there weren’t any pilots that were hired to fly it yet. They must be so sad. If I’m guessing, I think after all this settles down though, they’ll (hopefully) move the delivery sooner. Stay safe!