United A320 EWR To NAS, A Review

Hey everyone! Today I had the pleasure of going on vacation! I’m in Harbour Island currently. As that was my final destination, the second review of my connecting flight will come out shortly (like Tommorow)


United A320 Review:

All right! Here we go.

Ground Experience:

My flight leaves at 7:35, from Newark… that means waking up at 4 AM because well I live in NYC. 😩

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time, we went to the self check in because of the insane lines at Full Service check in. If your wondering why I say we, I’m with my family. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the check in line but it was a mess, every single person wanted to be done with it, there were people arguing, trying to cut the line. Basically every thing a New Yorker would do. We got through the self check in after our device called for assistance multiple times. Let’s just say that the Check In was a mess. Let’s just hope security is better.

We finally finish tagging our bags and waiting in another line to drop them off. It should be smooth sailing from here? Right? Well no. You go up the escalator and see “oh hey this doesn’t look bad at all!” Little do you know Newark airport is trying to trick you, we walk straight around the pole and BOOM like loads of people also only 4 TSA officers checking passports. The line was slow and tedious, after getting through security with out any scanners going off, we are finally at the gates. After a quick Starbucks and a Cibo Express we take the 10 minute walk to our gate, or so we thought, when we got to the end of the concourse and there was no C97. My Mom starts going crazy and then I see there are gates downstairs so I tap my Mom and she’s like ohhhhhh. So yeah.

So Boarding was ok for the first part, group 1 boarded, the Elderly, and the children under 2. Then the Boarding desk announced “Now boarding group 2” I just only now realized that there were only 2 groups. But everyone swarms the boarding desk, at the gates there were no lines! Just everyone trying to get on the plane. Come on United. Let’s hope the Plane is better? 🤷‍♂️

The Aircraft:

Our ride today was N414UA a A320 delivered to United in 1994 and after a brief time flying for Ted, she came back home in 2008 and has been flying for United ever since.

My seat was 22B, yes, a Middle seat


This aircraft was fitted with United’s newer slimline seats that are all Grey, I don’t like the color in my opinion, it doesn’t suit United. Do I have a choice though?

In my opinion the seat was great I had no issues except for one. No power sockets of any kind, not even a USB, bring your device fully charged!

I was also pleased to see United Private Screening at every seat, that’s your only entertainment so you gotta charge before.

In Flight:

Our Flight time was 2:38 in the air. It was short and sweet. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a shot of us powering out of Newark but it was a quick takeoff!

As soon as we reached 10,000 feet the flight attendants started prepping the drink cart. There was Biscoff cookies in replacement of Stroopwaffles 😭 I miss those waffles. As well as Pretzels and a drink, meals were also available for purchase. I got a Biscoff and a Apple juice. Sorry about the picture below, the drink cart was taking forever and I got tempted and had some cookies 😋

We leveled off at 36,000 ft and the Flight Attendants came around the cabin every half hour with water and Orange juice. It was a nice touch!

To my surprise I was told I could come up to the cockpit after the flight! Wow I was excited! I got this shot at cruise:

The window was really scratched unfortunately 😔

Not much else happened until our descent, flight attendant were very nice and were probably the best crew I ever had! We started our descent and our First Officer came on the Intercom. She had invited me to the cockpit as she was walking around the cabin. She gave me some little United wings as well as some cool A320 facts. She was really nice!

Below are some pictures of our descent

And Final!

We had a really nice landing and a short taxi, I could feel the warm air!

When we were getting off the plane I walked into the cockpit with our First officer and I told her all about Infinite Flight and how the cockpit looked exactly the same. She then taught me how to shut down the APU. I gotta say pushing all those buttons was super fun!

NAS Ground Experience:

Our Immagration forms had been filled out and we had a short 5 minute wait until we quickly got through with another stamp 😁 We ran down stairs to get our bags from the carousel but they were still unloading from the Jetblue flight from LGA. We had a connection in 1 hour on a small Beechcraft with a small airline. We got our bags and are on our way to the Domestic terminal… that’s where I will leave you today and we will pick back up in my review of my second flight on Southern Air from Nassau to North Eleuthera. That will be posted tomorrow at 5:30 PM EST. See you then!

Image Number 1 has credit on picture.

Image Number 2 credit: https://media.cntraveler.com/photos/53d9d7da6dec627b149db4f0/4:3/w_480,c_limit/united-new-seats-makeover.jpg


I know what you mean. I am stroopwafel XD


Awesome review.

How is North Eleuthera after the hurricane?

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Do you mean immigration?

Other that that, great review

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Oh yeah. I’ll fix that right away!

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Very well made trip report. I had the change to fly on a United A320 in August, and had a decent flight.


Luckily North Eleuthera and Harbour Island which is where I am staying narrowly missed the hurricane.

nice man!!

Who doesn’t love a 4am wake up… But for real it’s always a special experience going to the airport in the early morning hours, with the excitement blowing away all the tiredness!

Sounds like a good flight on a good looking A320 (well apart from the scratched window).

That sounds like one of the most amazing experiences ever, that’s a fantastic opportunity for sure!

Looking forward to hear about this experience! (Are you sure this was Southern Air as I can only find a big freight airline?)

Also that was a fantastic and detailed review! Thanks for sharing!

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Definitely a airline as I might have already flown on them 😉

I believe they go under Southern Air Charter


That’s fun. I often see Southern Air taking B777s to Europe in corporation with DHL, but that’s definitely not the same airline!

Thanks for the information!

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