United_8275_heavy flight tracking thread

I can’t join until 9:30

iPhone 13 base model

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At pm or am

@KSATplane_spotter I’m soon going to takeoff on a flight from Houston to San Antonio, do you want to join? :)

I can rn but yea

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Hello u there ???

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Bro give him more time than 4 minutes to ask if he’s there 😭 he responded 2 hours ago, not everyone’s life is IFC


I just landed, do you want me to do the flight again with you?

I’m going to Orlando rn then I follow you

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I’m on my way in a 757. :)

I’m now right behind you

We should do a united flight

@United_8275_heavy wanna do to jfk

We can do Chicago to kewr

I can’t do a flight right now because of personal reasons, do you want to do one at around 2024-07-11T21:00:00Z

I can’t at 4-9 but 9:45 we can do one

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Am or pm time wise

@KSATplane_spotter do you want to do a flight from Houston to San Antonio at 2024-07-12T15:00:00Z

Yes I can I will be containing to phoenix from Houston

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We still doing it??