United_8275_heavy flight tracking thread

This is @United_8275_heavy flight tracking thread where you can see my flights and join with me on one, happy flying! :)

Flight information
Route: Newark to Syracuse
Flight time: 20-30 minutes
Take off time: 2024-07-10T11:00:00Z2024-07-10T11:10:00Z
Aircraft: United (EVO BLUE) 737-800

DATE: July 10th

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Can u do one right now

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Maybe, because my internet is not the best right now and keeps disconnecting😕
I see if I can tho…

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Go to @Random_AviatorYT tracking thread we can do one like the three of us

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At what time? I’m best around theses times for today 2024-07-09T19:00:00Z2024-07-10T02:00:00Z

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Nice. I see you’ve started a thread too!

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Why is everyone making these threads… jeez


Sorry for the super late response, I just got internet back and I don’t think I will be flying today sadly.

Takeoff time has been delayed to 2024-07-10T11:50:00Z

Update on flight status
Now landed at Syracuse and flight completed.

Wanna do one right now

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I’m doing a flight to jfk

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Flight 2

Flight information
Route: Houston to San Antonio
Take off time: 2024-07-11T13:30:00Z
Aircraft: United or southwest 737-800

@KSATplane_spotter want to do this flight tomorrow. :)

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That’s early

Can you do a overnight united flight

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Yeh sure.👍 What route do you want to do? (Must be under 7 hours)
And it’s going to be on trainer because I don’t like doing long hauls on the expert.

Let’s do Tokyo to lax united b777

I don’t think my phone can handle a 10 hour flight though…
How about Newark to London

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Sure we can do that

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What phone do you have