United 8209

image Having a great flight here in Hawai region. Advanced server always provides fun time! #PortSideAirways #represent


looks beautiful. Do you want a escort?

If so IFES is willing to assist you with you needs. ;)

Go ahead :)

I just don’t have anything to do and fancied some close formation flying

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I am up here in the air. If want to come on up here is where I am. I am doing a flight upto Honolulu

I’m at 360 knots. Heading 255. 11,000 ft.

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On my way, what map?


Would you rather meet at an airport and dl a flight?

Up to you,

Let’s meet at an airport. Which one?

Ok. What Spain position?

Spawn I meant

I’m lading somewhere right now. Then I will spawn at HNL

Alright, see you there

Which spawn point are you at.

Meant to put a question mark. Sorry

F-22 or something like that, we can meet at 80L?

08L, sorry

Can we meet at a gate?