United 80 heavy

So I was flying from KSAN to KPSP in my 787-10 with the callsign “*United 80 Heavy” on TS1, I activated APPR at 12K ft and it turned off as I was over MLW causing a rapid decent. I pulled up and went to the Weight and balance page to lower the plane’s weight. When I came back, the plane was flatspinning in a -10,000FPM and I pushed 100% thrust and tried to pull out of the stall. But I couldn’t and crashed. Anyone witnessed the tragic crash of United 80 heavy? I want to know what exactly happened and when the plane started the flatspin stall.

The airplane pretty much ripped into pieces, so it wouldn’t be able to recover.

Wait so you saw United 80 heavy

No but what I said is pretty much what could happen.

Trim aircraft and ap2 off with my 777

Why would you engage APPR mode at 12k feet?

We don’t know…

Same question here. APPR is pretty self-explanatory; it’s for the approach! Not the decent. He might’ve also forgotten to set the GPS to the correct ILS.

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The conditions were awful. I needed APPR to maintain the plane in the air. A/P would have caused a stall.

What kind of conditions? Low visibility? Wind?

Wind. A lot of wind

Well, even with these conditions Autopilot is just the same as APPR. In fact, the APPR system IS the autopilot. If you were experiencing these kinds of winds, even looking at the AP system is a sin in itself. You should land the plane manually unless conditions allow.

Well if theres a lot of wind and AP can’t handle then just hand fly the plane…

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Ok just whatever. Back on topic

##Time To Investigate
Yeah, but APPR is for final approach, not descent. Using it at 12K feet would cause a probable stall.

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