United 789 Trip Report

Back again with another trip report! This flight will take me from the home of United all the Way to Tokyo. After Arriving from Omaha,Nebraska on a Crj-700 which my next trip report will be on. It’s time to head to Tokyo.

Flight Details

Flight Number: UA881
Flight time: 11:47
Plane: 787-9
Departure Gate: C16
Arrival Gate: 113

After a 5 hour delay our 3rd 787 is here. N19951 a 7.8 year old that flew in all the way from Dulles Because our 2nd 787 wasn’t able to fly to Tokyo.

My seat today is 36A. Gives an amazing view of the 787’s wings

Taxing to 9R at O’Hare Intl

Taking Off from O’Hare

Cruising over Northern Canada

Cruising near Fairbanks Alaska

Starting the Approach into Haneda

Landed safely on 34L

Taxing to the International Terminal at Haneda Intl

The 787 that took us her plus an Emirates 777-300ER

This flight gets about a 6.4. The delay was awful but they gave snacks on the ground at O’Hare.

Next Trip Report Will be In the Caribbean


Awesome! Hoping we’ll soon have ORD 3D!

Ps. You might want to move this into #screenshots-and-videos tho 😉☺️

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Typical United, always late and having problems 🙄

But over all, nice shots and glad you enjoyed your flight


I put it out a little to early 😅

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Real life experience. So me and my grandma were going to fly to O’Hare from ohama. The TSA line was moving very slow and we got to the gate right when they closed the door☹️


Had a feeling you did lol… I was already wondering why your report was cut off halfway 😅🥲

Yup I a little miss click

Very true, lol.


love this! great photos!!

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that’s the most true thing ever, my flight from dulles was delayed by over 2 hours, and we landed 3 hours late along with a lot of turbulence on the way

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