United 787-9 Melbourne to Los Angeles

Tried out United’s longest out of LAX, in reverse. United serves Melbourne daily from LAX and SFO since 2014 with the 787-9, and in recent years has occasionally used a 777-300ER from San Fran. I wanted to fly a relatively lesser-known United 787 route, since United doesn’t have as big an international presence at LAX as carriers like Delta or American.

Server: Solo
Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 (2010s Livery)
Seat: 8A (Polaris)
Time En Route: 13 Hours 47 Minutes

Flaps down and waiting to taxi from Terminal 2 at Melbourne

Full-power GEnX roar on takeoff (PW engines growl; GEs roar)

Saying goodbye to Australia

Feet dry over Orange County on descent

On final approach into LA

Landing 24L at LAX in the sunrise

Parked at Terminal 7


nice shots dude :)

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Just flew this route last week IRL
It’s an amazing flight and UA’s B787s are the best