United 787-8

Fantastic livery. This livery should be added as we currently haven’t got a lot of U.S. airlines liveries for the 787-8.

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I really hope that this livery gets added on the aircraft as it just looks beautiful. Maybe replace the delta 787 with it.

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One that doesn’t even operate the 788. So technically we have one but being realistic we have none

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United Airlines operates 12 787-8s in its fleet, so we are still looking forward to see the United Airlines livery on the 787-8 along with other airlines of the US on the 787-8.

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I was talking about the Delta livery that shouldn’t exist in IF


this would be an amazing feature to the game and it is a huge part of united’s fleet!!



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True, I’m actually kind of surprised this wasn’t added to the 787-8 upon release…


well infinite flight said that they are adding the Hawaiian 787-9 on twitter so maybe the 787 will be the aircraft along with the 737 getting some new liveries! quite a boeing update (;

Wait, when did they say they were adding the Hawaiian 787-9?

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I don’t think that means they’re adding the livery, just saying that it’s okay to be an avgeek


That’s not a confirmation of the livery. That was @infiniteflight saying that “Kotah” isn’t a nerd, they’re just an AvGeek, and that’s okay! :]

i know but i don’t think that they would just respond to the tweet that says they want the Hawaiian 787-9, anyways let’s get back on topic to the UA 787-8

could you just do the b787 10

Yes, but there are major differences between the two. The -8 is shorter, flies farther, handles different and much more. Many people have been using the -9 as a replacement but many people on here want to be as real as possible. Just FYI the 787-10 is more comparable to the 777-200ER.


Yes please we really need this and it would be great for UVAL ! You got my vote :). (also we also need the 773 up in here )

Yes but the other one is closed so this one is valid.

Ok , but I was just saying that we probably not gonna get it so I said “could you just do the b787 10” for a substitute. :)

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Removed a vote to vote for this! Definitely needed, favorite variant is the -8 but haven’t really flown it due to missing liveries.


Same hopefully this awesome plane can get added and maybe we will even get both liveries.