United 787-8

The United Boeing 787-8 would be a great new livery for the game. The 787-8 is part of the United fleet and does many long range routes. The 787-8 is one of my favorite planes, why because they are on the smaller side but they have a long range of travel which is super cool. There is not many American Airlines for the 787-8 so the United livery would be awesome!

Highlight and paste into your search bar to see photo! Photo credit, Johan Knijn Photography Airliners.net

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This livery is amazing and I hope it gets added soon :)


We already have it on the -9 and -10, not worth the developers time in my opinion.


Think about it though! We already have the texture file, all they need to do (I think) is resize it to the -8 and change the registration. Plus, the United livery on the -8 looks way different than the -9 or -10 due to the length of the fuselage.

They got rid of the 787-10 United livery because that aircraft was never in their fleet

It’s still on my Infinite Flight. Plus the -10 is already in service, and United has orders for it…

Oh really its not on mine:( Thats weird but cool that they are ordering the 10!

That is probably just because global changed the device resizing on some devices. You should have access to it after a hotfix of sorts :)

I understand your opinion, however there is no reason as to why this should not be added. United has a number of 787-8s and it would be nice to have a 787 livery in game that is also in real life. Also, as far as I know there currently are no 787-10s flying revenue flights for United. I would like the United 787, but I have no remaining votes left.


I voted! Really cool livery! Love it! #flythefriendlyskies


I would really love this livery in the -8…


Bring her in!!!


This plane seriously needs to be added.


This is very needed in Infinite Flight. Why? Because there a couple of United destinations (And many long haul destinations they serve from their smaller International hubs like Denver) are served by this 787-8.

I have removed one of my votes for this request. This is definitely needed!


As I’m writing this I’m currently flying the 787-9 on Uniteds Denver to Tokyo route which is operated with the 787-8. It’s just not the same experience with the bigger plane. 😥


I did the same flight once. Sucked to not have the real plane, I agree.

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I know! The 787-8 is so good! Add some popular airline liveries, I mean delta doesn’t even use the 787-8, y do they have it in IF??

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An order was made through Northwest which later merged with Delta Airlines, later Delta decided to go with the A350. For what ever reason it irks some peoples soul that there is a Delta B787. You know? Cause it’s not “realistic”

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If it was ordered by Northwest I think they should have put the NW livery on it instead of delta