United 787-10 screenshots

**KLAX United 787-10 training server sunrise

**image image image


please say your favorite in the comments and which one should be on the infinite flight loading screen


I’ll be flying on this plane irl very soon!

I wouldn’t go as far as to say “stunning” but still great quality images nonetheless 😉

Awesome! I flew on a Norwegian 787 from jfk to Sweden and the flight was awesome

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Sorry this was my first time posting screenshots Kirito_77

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Yeah nothing to worry about 😉😉 I’m just personally infuriated by clickbait titles 🤬, though keep up the good work dude, I sense a lot of potential here 😄

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Thanks for the support

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I got a window seat hehe.

Awesome I got one two I don’t see why everyone complains about the tinting window not having pull down screens I think there fine

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Sorry guys im going to bed now goodnight!