United 787-10 [New Livery]

United Airlines 787-10 Dreamliner (N12010)

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Earlier this year, United Airlines unveiled a new livery, and completely removed the gold from their logo. United was the first airline to have all 3 variants of the 787 family, and now, the blue livery has been painted onto the 787-10.

United currently flies its 787-10s to several destinations around the world, mostly from Newark and San Francisco. Some of these places include Auckland, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Shanghai. With more 787-10s on the way, they will be painted in the new livery, and I think it looks stunning on this aircraft!

I hope you like this livery as much as I do, and vote for it!

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YESS!! This right here is the BEST 78X livery. The colors match so well, the wave is astounding, and overall I get the same vibe from the post-merger livery.
Can’t spare a vote at the moment but will eventually.


Woooah, Now THIS, Looks FRESHHHH!!! 😍😍

The Old Livery May Have Looked Amazing, But, Woowee, This Is Heaven In All Of Its Glory 🤩🙌



I completely agree! I love the new livery!

I agree with this as well! Hope you vote when you get some more :)

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I wish I can spare a vote though I can’t…

This baby is beautiful!


Beautiful, but sadly, I can’t vote till the launch customer gets all of their variants…


Yes, we need this livery!
You have my vote!

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Thanks for voting @Captain_Awerty and @EpicNYC04!


Sure thing! I like the simplicity and elegance of the United livery.

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😱 It’s beautiful! Another lovely 787 livery!

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Thank you for your vote @MapleAir221!

The UAL 78X is my discord pfp so hehe

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I’m not too sure about that. I kinda prefer the gold logo on the tail, because I’m so used to seeing it.

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I’m sure it’ll grow on you with some more time :)

Looks great definitely would be great if they put N12010 as the tail number since that’s the first one with the new livery. Love that livery so much and the wave is the best part of it and is great how they put color on those engines. You have my vote!

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If they give the 787 a live cockpit and gear tilt hopefully in 20.2. This definitely should be put in along with the American 787-8. Also they should put the new livery on every 787 variant due to the fact that every order that UA has on the 787 will be painted in this livery. The 787-8 is also missing a UA livery!!

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Thank you! I definitely agree, and the swoop is the best part! It’ll be on every aircraft now rather than just their 787s and B39Ms, so I definitely love the new livery!

Yeah, every aircraft they rework that has UA operating it should get the new livery, the 777 would be the perfect one to have it next with its rework. 787 before or shortly after that’s released too.

Yup! United just got their second 77W with the new livery!

Uhhh where are you getting 20.2? The most recent big update was 19.4, so this update with the 777 now having gear tilt would probably be 19.5