United 787-10 inaugural

Today is a great day for United Airlines as their first Boeing 787-10 flies today. The aircraft is equipped with their new Premium Plus seats*

I wanted to see who here is exited to fly and who has plans to. And when you do how was your experience.

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I thought United already had 2 of the 787-10 in service: N14001 and N17002?

How come the one you’re talking about is the first, or am I mistaking here?

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They’ve been flying for quite a while actually. Probably for three weeks now. There’s two of them currently active.

Most have been crew familiarization/ferry flights but as of recent, they’ve been on some scheduled flights. They’ve been hopping between DC, Denver, and LA.

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I’ve seen a few on FR24 to have flown the LAX to EWR route and also LAX to DEN route for commercial use. They’ve been in service since mid/late December last year, right?

They’ve hopped around between all of the hubs, but it’s been mostly DC, Denver, and LA. They’ve even sent it overseas to Frankfurt and Tokyo, I believe.

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Oh yeah, I did see one fly to Frankfurt as well. It’s great to see United receiving their 78X now :)

Just a note for all who are interested. Follow troybflying on Instagram, he is a B787 pilot for United and gives some insight into these aircraft and operations. I believe he will now be based out of New York and fly the -10 rather than from Denver.

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