United 777-300ER

Hello! I am creating this topic to bring attention to the developers and modelers of the aircraft. On the United 777-300ER, on one side, the tail number is shown as N2352U, the correct registration, while on the other side, it is N2353U, which is a registration for a C172

(Left side of the plane is correct, while the right side is wrong)


How have I not seen this lol


also the southwest heart 737-700 has the registration of a 737-300


Wow!!! I littaraly just flew KEWR - VABB a few weeks ago in a united 777 300 and noticed the same thing! Kinda weird… But I do appreciate that infinite flight sometimes uses the tail numbers if the newest planes in that specific fleet rather than the oldest ones.

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N2353U is the registration for a Cessna 172, not the next United 77W

Yeah, N2352U was Uniteds last 777 300
And I meant that I appreciate using N2352U as opposed to one of their older 777w’s

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Bruh moment.


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The issue is that the tail numbers on the opposite sides don’t match up, and one of them is completely wrong. That’s why I made this topic

I meant N2352U the newest United 777-300ER

If I recall correctly, this was brought up during the v20.2 open beta and has since been noted. It’s a minor issue, which is most likely why it hasn’t been fixed.

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There are two liverys who need a fix too:

i point is missing at the ethiopian

C is to big


These issues have been noted internally for some time. Livery issues tend to not be a priority, but will be fixed in due time. :)


It’s truly embarrassing seeing how many livery issues there are, and don’t forget the KLM logo is missing on the right side of the Orange Pride 77W.


As seen in the linked post by Mason, this has been noted internally, along with the majority of livery issues. I would guess that in current times, the main focus of the IF staff team is to keep up with the other aspects of 21.1, such as terminal buildings and clouds, which have been requested far more frequently than livery issues.

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Oh okey yes the KLM Logo is important…

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Yes, I know. Hopefully a few 777 livery fixes come in 21.1 along with the LATAM and ANA liveries.


I hope for it but i think they will fix that in 21.1

We only can wait and see:) if the fixes will be implemented in 21.1 update.
Btw, this issue have been raised some time ago concerning the liveries.