United 777-200 new livery question

Hello community, the other day I noticed that in the feature request for the new united livery on the 777-200ER said at the bottom “congratulations, this has been accepted and bla bla… rest of sentence” which is cool! But i did notice that i said “this will replace the old livery” which is fine, but will it replace the retro livery aswell?


As per the note “Note: The addition of this livery will replace the current United Airlines livery”, I believe it refers to the current newest one we have, not the retro one.

Noooo I want to keep the continental one


Why would they take a livery away??? That makes zero sense to me 😕


Liveries take up a lot of space and storage/memory, that’s why…

Very annoying but that’s how it is


I don’t understand why they have to remove the livery if they are going to add a new version of it. Why isn’t it possible to keep both liveries? Is it because people will complain that there are too many US liveries? Because people do that already and people will do it regardless even if the devs remove a livery. If storage is the issue, surely 1 extra livery doesn’t take up that much storage.

I think the United continental livery looks great and is honestly better than the evo blue livery and it’s a huge shame that they are gonna remove it.


livery’s take up a lot of space and with the new livery’s coming in we’re gonna need that. It would be irritating to have 2 livery’s of the same airline on the same aircraft instead of some other much needed livery.

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If that’s the case, then just remove the retro United livery from the 777-200 instead. I have never seen anyone use it and since infinite flight no longer wants to do retro liveries on newer aircraft, it would make much more sense to just remove that livery.

No offence but that is your opinion, someone else would want to see the continental livery go and someone else would not want the EVO blue livery to come. Needless to say the community has spoken and that’s how it will go.

We can’t get rid of retro livery I use it all the time

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May I just add that the 777-300ER already has the Evo Blue livery? If you love Evo that much, fly the big twin instead. It honestly sucks to see the classic aviation fans, like myself, getting utterly disrespected in a sense by not being able to request old liveries, however removing a livery because some peopke think it’s worse than the livery they like is outright a joke in my opinion, especially when the same livery is avaliable on another variant of the same aircraft.

I’m all in for the addition of the new liveries, however not at the expense of removing another livery (unless the removed livery never existed in real life, as was the case for the Qantas Silveroo 787-9).

In any case, bye bye Continental 777-200.


I think it makes since to keep the retro livery and remove the continental though I wish that we could keep them all

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Oh great I started an argument over a question welcome to the internet fellas

Come on, Really Jogos! All three liveries should stay on the plane!


It really should, i love all united liveries, I’d fly all of ‘em

I’m so confused, can anyone explain this to me?

That’s… my point?


Okay, the new united livery has been confirmed, but at the expense at the continental livery, but I’m wondering about the retro one

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I fly retro all the time and every word @AvioesEJogos is Correct I agree

The current retro should be removed and added on a 767 when that is reworked. Then this should be added and contientell be kept