United 777-200 | KSFO>KDEN | Sleepy Departure

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so I decided to give the 777-200 a flight since it seems that I haven’t shared many flights I’ve done in Boeing aircraft. todays flight was from San Francisco to Denver, two major United hubs. We depart KSFO in pitch darkness during the early morning on their 5:30am flight and arrive into Denver at 9:30am after a 3 hour flight and one go-around. Overall, besides the go-around… it was a pretty normal flight.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight time – 3h00 Approx.
Aircraft – United 777-200
Callsign – N795UA
Average Cruise – FL410 at Mach 0.82

Loading cargo and sleepy passengers… ZZzzz.

Lining up RWY28L, Cleared for departure.

Sunrise and Moonshot?

Cruising at FL410 enjoying the scenery.

Descending through FL200.

Short final for RWY16L.

Denver is pretty high above sea level so my ground speed was almost 180 knots despite me doing 145 knots, this led me me totally overshooting the touch down zone.

Touch down!

Taxiing to our gate, past a fellow United 777-200.(I’m the one behind)

Offloading cargo and passengers. Welcome to KDEN!

Thanks for joining me on this flight, it was a nice Domestic flight to do in this widebody.

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I definitely recommend checking out my previous post, there are lots of nice pictures and please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

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Great photos there! Too bad you had to go around, lol.