United 767-300ER 2019 Livery

Well we already have 2 United liveries for the 767 but I think this one would just be amazing to have, especially if the 767 gets a rework soon.

Credit: The Points Guy

Looks good, but the 767 needs a major rework tho🤷‍♂️


Out of vote, but you have my support! Wonderful livery! 🔥🤘

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I really like the livery, but not going to vote for it…
However, don’t forget to vote on your own request!

I’m out of votes

If you really want your own request, clear a vote.

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Love this livery, you have my support!

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Ye, I would I like the 767 to be reworked. Let’s wait till the A350 dev and B777 rework is done.

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At first I didn’t like the livery… I think it’s growing on me though.

Looks awesome on the 767!

Tbh I cant wait for a UA 787 to get the livery

Great livery, don’t got any votes right now but definetly a go to for a 767 rework!

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Yes! We didn’t get a UA retro with the 757 rework, so hopefully we can get the new one at least!

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I like the evo blue one the 767 the best.

mega bump, it’s been a while. She needs to be in IF