United 747's to be retired the end of this year

The below article has more on this,

It’s really sad to see these amazing aircraft be retired



Gotta make way for the future !


This is sad. Oh well, it’s time to give the opportunity to new aircrafts.

Retired doesn’t mean scrapped.

First they would likely be offered up at auction.

I’m sad, but hopefully they replace them with 747-8


Fixed it 😀

Not surprising, as they are all going from all airlines sadly.

Well at least Delta still has some. Mums said they’ll be going out to the trash soon for United. And now this means making was for the United A350, 77W, 777X

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There are no plans to order 747-8s. The routes will be taken over by 777s, 787s and A350s as they receive them. Looks like in a few years there will be no American carriers with a 747 in its fleet as Delta also retires their remaining fleet.

The only reason United kept the 747 this long is because the jets are fully paid for. They’ve become more and more unreliable over the years and their operating costs are more than the newer large twin jets.

Although it’s sad to see the 747 go, I am excited for the future.

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I’ll take one. :)


It may be sad, but its not useful for United, due to operating costs and etc. The end of the 747 and a380 are near :(, to be replaced by more efficient aircrafts.

Nooooo!! More 747s dying :(

United’s 747 interior upgrades never made any sense. The plane is equipped with wireless streaming personal entertainment, but it doesn’t have power outlets to keep your devices charged for the long haul flights that it flies. I can’t imagine flying SFO-HKG on the UA 747.


The 747 is iconic but definitely showing its age, bittersweet to see it being phased out.

It’s sad but I think it’s time for the iconic jumbo. Fuel costs are making the 787, 777 and A350 irritable for airlines, sad to see but I think it’s time

It’s sad to see the 747s go :(

Hope they replace them with the 777x

It is sad in its own way. United has been a legacy 747 operator. They started back in the 70’s with 100s and operated every single model save for the 300 and the 8.

I remember seeing the 747-400s and 200s at DEN back in the late 90’s with the tulip tails. United was a different airline then. The 747 was once the flagship and now the times have changed.

Now they are focused on growing into a new airline. They are welcoming 787s, 77Ws, and eventually A350s. It’s not the United I grew up flying, but I wish them luck. Seeing the 747s go will be sad, since they are memories of the United I grew up with.


Ahh, KLM is retyering them too, i love the 747 so much, can not wait untill thet make a new plane that looks a bit like tge 747