United 737-800 Trip Report! TXKF-KEWR

This will only be from boarding to disembarking as I planned to post a terminal review first but then remembered I have never arrived into Bermudas new terminal so that will be posted once I fly home anyways enjoy

To my surprise my 737-800 was in the new livery even though it said it was in the old livery on FR24, a pleasant surprise.

My view from my seat 27A, top 3 wing view seats

Taxing out to runway 30 for takeoff


After takeoff I took some photos because someone asked me. They’re not as good as the ones from last year but that’s because it was a cloudy day and it just rained in Bermuda but here they are

Climb up to 36,000 feet

Clouds r cool

This was all I got served on this 2:05 minute flight. To be honest this was a little disappointing considering I got no snack with UA a full service carrier in 2021 but JetBlue gave me a 2 snacks and a drink in August 2020 but we move

Takin a nap for 10 mins until we hit more turbulence

Moving map was broken 🥲

Starting our decent into KEWR

Into the cloud

Out of said cloud

Hey everyone look! It’s one of the United States!

On final approach into runway 29 at KEWR

At the gate after a sharp yet quick landing on runway 29 we taxied to gate C133 and I saw this guy didn’t look very happy, maybe he was upset to se the new livery l, must of been a fan of the old one

Well I hope you all enjoyed my trip report, a full review of Bermudas new terminal will release when I fly home as I’ve never arrived into the new terminal yet.

I’ve also have some footage of the flight and might make a full on video trip report


Probably saw the new livery and went from 😁To😒 i like the new livery in the narrow body’s and old on wide body’s

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Me Wondering where’s the rest of the Land

Anyways amazing Pics I love the New Livery!

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That’s the Jersey Shore, specifically Seaside Heights.

Love the photos, and the trip report, @Lil_Seedy_Boi! It looks like you got lucky with the RWY 29 VIS; 4L/22R delays are through the roof with all the construction going on.

I hope you had a nice flight!


I did and I got video footage of my flight as well. I might make a video trip report soon

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Update, I fly home tomorrow and guess what, I’m on the United star alliance special livery!

Feel free to track me


Hope you didn’t just jinx yourself

we’ll see tomorrow

It’s 6am est the next day and I just woke up to shower and get ready to head to the airport and it still says I’m on it but there’s a yellow dot next to my flight. Uh oh

Welcome to Newark

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I still have Star Alience and I’m at the gate, going Mia I’ll let you k is how it was after the flight

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Landed and I decided that I’m not doing a trip report on the flight but I’ll finish my terminal

Finally got home and I just wanna say if you were looking for way to the arrivals portion of the terminal review it gonna be disappointed

did you get any wing shots

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This is the view I had


The departure was beautiful

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Looks like delta wing tip for some reason LOL

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Probably because it was the star Alliance livery

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Yeah thats why

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Another trip report is coming soon this time On JetBlue-JFK and I thought that they were pretty similar flights so I thought I would do a vs between the 2. What do y’all think

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