United 737-800 (Split Schemitar) Continental Livery

Supriseed that this hasn’t been added yet. Probably, one of my favorites. Currently, Infinite Flight has been lagging behind, as the current UA/Continental 737-800 has no split schemitars, which all of the non-split schemitar UA 737s IRL has since been remodeled with the split scimitars.

Anyways, I really hope this gets added to the game

For more reference, United is one of the very first airlines to adapt this split schemitar feature to it’s 737 fleet, in order to save fuel, and reduce in total fuel costs. As of now, nearly every single 737 in United’s fleet has been upgraded with the new split schemitar feature

Photo credit: Orlando Suarez

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In fact this is not a surprise. I believe this will not be added due to the new rules about livery requests.


I’m honestly not a fan of these new rules that were made, but I get that IF wants to save storage space for other liveries, but its surprising considering the fact that the Copa split schemitars were added.