United 737-800 (New Livery) @ Cleveland Airshow

As some of you know, I flew out east to the Pittsburgh area earlier this month to visit family and do some aviation related activities. One of the things we did was go to the annual Cleveland National Airshow, which, in time, I will post more photos from. However, I felt that this particular aircraft needed its own topic…

Before the show, I was aware the United was bringing a 737 to the ground display, but when I got there, I was extremely (and pleasently) surprised to find that it was N37267, United’s first 738 in the livery and the aircraft that they revealed it on! Here are my photos of this beautiful aircraft.

Starboard side:

Port side:

All-blue winglet as seen from inside:

Checking out the cockpit:

The massive, now all blue, tail. Personally I’m glad they kept the classic Continental globe.

Standing inside the wheel well. Not really part of the livery, but I thought it was pretty cool:

The split scimitar winglet gets its own shot😍

Looking down the fuselage with the Cleveland skyline in the background (casual C-5 Galaxy to the right):

Thanks for checking out my photos! What do you guys think of the livery? Personally, I hated it when it was first revealed, but now that I’ve seen it in person I’m infatuated with it.


Amazing pictures! I love United new liveries!
I think I have only seen it on the maxes so far

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Pretty sure they don’t have the MAX painted in it yet. They have them in the 787 livery, but not this one.

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The C-5 be like :V


The C5 is awesome

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Nice pictures!!

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Never thought a C-5 can land at KBKL, but have fun! Love the UA 737 :)

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I really like the colour scheme of the new livery. Also that airport is pretty close to the city, isn’t it!

Also thanks for sharing!

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Great pictures @PlaneCrazy. Keep up the great work and I will be looking forward to more pictures :)

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Yeah, KBKL is pretty cool! It has the city on one side and Lake Erie on the other. Used to be Cleveland’s commercial airport before KCLE was built, now it’s primarily used for corporate jets.


Sweet! The new livery looks great on the 737. Glad you got to enjoy yourself

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I love the new livery. I flew N37267 in March before it got repainted and just found out a few days ago.

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Old United= better United ngl

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