United 737 800 Los Angeles to Denver

Parked at the gate at LAX loading cargo and passengers

Taxiing to the runway

Takeoff at LAX
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On final approach to Denver

Aaannd touchdown! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Denver

Taxiing to the terminal at Denver

Parked at the gate at Denver with Heybridge connected
Hope you all liked the shots,!!😁😁


Awesome shots! Looks like one of your photos didn’t upload correctly tho :P but no matter, I love these a lot!
(And yes as @canton pointed out that is a -800)


yeah sorry typo haha

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I see you got a new device to fly 22.1 no more 20.3

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yes haha lenovo tab p11. gets a bit laggy at 3D airports tho

Ehhh why does the title still say 900? Also include flight details.

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yeha sorry typo


Did you do the ORCKA5 SID with the big climbing left turn out over the water to cross back over the airport at or above 10,000? That one’s my favorite when flying out of LAX.

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Lol no problem! :)

Nice flight

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no i did the one that took me past Van Nueys

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Why is there no flight details? Why is the pic still loading? There are some errors here.