United 737-800 incorrect winglets

The United 737-800 in game does not have the split scimitars unlike its real-life counterpart.

Photo Credit: Positive Rate Photography

As you can see, the aircraft N76508 has split scimitars while the aircraft in game does not.

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I believe the DEVS did so for the purpose of keeping a United aircraft without the split scimitars. The 737-700 and 900ER both have scimitars on them, so the DEVS kept the 800 with the normal, blended winglets. Not a real issue, you can contact a MOD for further explanation, but I believe that is the reason.


The 737-900/737-700united have scimitar winglets :) Its just for diversity

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They can’t make most/ all aircraft with winglets as they still want to keep a good amount of aircraft without winglets. So infinite flight have done a great job of balancing them out!

Infinite Flight 18.6 Release Announcements

Split scimitars were only added to the aircraft whose registrations have them in real life.

The aircraft in game should have its split split scimitars.

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It should, but like I said, maybe they did this for users who prefer the blended winglets.

Deercrusher said that split scimitars were only added to the aircrafts who’s registrations have them in real life, why would this be an exception?

Read above.

If they did do this intentionally, why would they do so on an aircraft that does have the split scimitars. The devs have a keen eye for detail, don’t you think they would have probably changed the registration?

Hey I mean just use the 900 version. As I see I think the devs wanted to keep one United with and one without winglets. So everyone can have the option !

As of right now, I cant give a definite answer as I’m not a DEV, tester or MOD.

Ok @Jacob after a little research, The 737-800 was added between 2012 and 2014 with the United livery, and N76508 was first seen with scimitars as of MAY 2015, so a slight chance the DEVS forgot or I was right all along and they purposely left the -800 without splits for the enjoyment of those who prefer the blended winglets.

@DeerCrusher? Do you know why.

I know you shouldn’t tag mods, but here it would just clog up the forum with ideas, so a mod could have facts.

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