United 737-700

The 737 is an amazing plane so I fly it alot so I thought i should do some photography of one of my favorite flights.

Ksan-ksfo, 15:32 departure Zulu time.

ksan, klax, fim, derbb, nefde, okeef, ranck, unuwy, vpbet, urrsa, ksfo but can be changed for other runways as this is specific for 28L

No sever as I don’t have pro subscription.

35000ft cruise altitude.

Can be done in any 737.

Ready to go!!!

Lining up



Kedw in the distance


Terrible crosswind landing

Parked ready for its next adventure!!!


Nice photos there, @MNgaming_pilotboy!

A little tip: Next time you can use the freecam in replay mode if you haven’t already, it gets great photos. Not a requirement, but highly recommended.

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wow really good I like the forth one


Thanks for the tip😀

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You’re welcome, hope to see more photos from you using the freecam!

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Thats cool 👍

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