United 737-700

United 737-700


Photo: lgaviation on Instagram

With the confirmed addition of Split Scimitar winglets to Infinite Flight, I feel that this would be a suitable aircraft/new livery for them.
United has 40 737-700’s in their fleet. They operate their 737-700’s on a variety of short/medium haul routes in the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America. They also have 4 737-700’s based in Guam, operating flights to/from there.


Capacity: 118 passengers, 126

Most of them can carry up to 126 passengers, while there are 4 118 passenger versions used in travel to/from Guam.

Cruise Speed: 530 MPH

Engines: General Electric CFM56-7B24 High Bypass Ratio turbofan

Please leave a vote if you want to see this aircraft in Infinite Flight!

I’ve wanted to see this plane in IF for a long long time! Would be perfect for doing short hauls around Guam and the carribean! I removed vote for this so consider it special.


I do like the size and split scimitars. Would be cool to see this aircraft in IF.


There is no need to beg for the aircraft. If the devs decide to add it then they will or vice versa. So let’s be civil. ;)


I never knew UA operates 737-700s 🤔

And I never knew 737-700s can have split scimitars XD

Yes! Would be great to have all three United 737 operating variants in game, and I think the livery definitely suits the -700.

I think this would be a great airplane! We need more US based airlines on the -700 ;)

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my vote is guaranteed

Yes, I would like to see more liveries involving the 737-700 but I would like to see the older 737s as well (600, 500)

too bad i am all out of votes… :(

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What it would look like if it was in IF

Full credit to @aviationconcepts


Two words! ISLAND HOPPER! I really recommend you look those routes up because they are really interesting!

Has my vote, the 700 looks so nice with the United livery on it!

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Since it is one of the few Livery (s) that do have the split simitar winglets and on a 700, I really hope they include it in the rebake

And we definitely need more US based carrier Liveries in the game for the 700, only 2 currently Southwest and AirTran which is long gone but IRL, UNITED, DELTA and ALASKA also fly the 700 including Southwest

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I really like the way this livery looks on this aircraft and I think im gonna have to vote for it!

Glad I voted for this

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Congratulations guys and gals.