United 737 700 bug

There is a minor bug with the united 737 700.
The “united” writing on the fuselage gets messed up when I zoom.
I know this is a common problem,and it is very minor,but I just wanted to make you notice.
P.S. peices of the engine and wing also dissapear.image

Once again, this is very minor…image


I cant be certain about the logo, but with the stuff that’s disappearing, this happened to me as well its from the LOD, this is from another post: Continuing the discussion from Aircraft LOD:

Edit: just noticed what schyllberg posted


That is not a bug. It is your level of detail (LOD)

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I’m just going to copy my reply from last night :)

This is not a bug. This a feature called LOD.
It’s implemented to improve performance by lowering the resolution of the aircraft when zoomed out a bit, hiding details that are not or barely necessary at that particular zoom level.


Oh, sorry…
Thank you, though!

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Nothing to be sorry about :) We all learn something every day.


Im noticing there is a bug that the text of the livery is streched as you zoom out. This doesn’t happen on the 738/739, so I don’t think it has to do with the LOD

Southwest Livery:

Zoom in:image

Zoom out:image

Turkish Livery:

United Livery:

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It’s. not. a. bug. Please read the posts above.

@Boeing797 This is LOD not a bug.

Not a bug. Please see the responses from Seb: