United 534 PHNL to KLAX

Today i did a route over the Great Pacific ocean!
Aircraft: B777-300er
Airline: United
Flight time: 5hrs
Server: Expert
Airports: Daniel K. Inouye International airport to Los Angeles International

It was a midnight flight so had to drink lot of redbull lol

A long taxi to Runway 8L
Leaving Hawai… This is probably the last piece of land im gonna see before LA

The Mountains off the coast of Hawai
Processing: InfiniteFlight_2022-02-18-13-39-33.jpg…
G’day fellas! A beautiful morning arrival…

Very late touchdown but very smooth landing!

And finally we are at gate!


Looks like some of the photos didn’t process all the way, nice pics tho!

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Thanks and I know it wasnt processing and it was taking lot of time so i just uploaded it anyways

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