United 52 Heavy | Washington - Zurich | Boeing B787 - 9

United 52 Heavy | IAD - ZRH

Welcome to another photo topic of mine! This time around I decided to take some photos of a route and an airport I had never been to in Infinite Flight. Shockingly it’s Zurich! In all my 3 years of flying I have never flown into Zurich, Switzerland. So, let’s hop into the photos.

Flight Details

Flight Time: 6 hours and 57 minutes

Aircraft and Livery: Boeing B787-9 in the United Airlines colors

Route: KIAD - LSZH

At the gate in Washington, preparing for about a 7 hour flight.

Lining up on runway 19L.

Gear up!

Pretty bumpy over the Atlantic, seat belt signs stayed on.

First ever moonshot too!

Descending into Switzerland, here’s a wingview of the fantastic looking landscape!

On short final with a view of Zurich and the Alps in the background.

Seconds till touchdown.

At the gate in Zurich as the passengers deplane and the cargo gets unloaded!

Thanks for viewing these photos! Let me know what I can do better to make them look better! Thanks!


Nice shots! Raw photos are quite hard to pull off, but you smashed it :)


Thanks mate! I appreciate the feedback.

But yes I should start figuring out how to edit these photos!

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The United Livery on the B787 is probably the best livery to take raw shots with! This is definitely my pick of the lot! Great Work!

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Awesome photos! Great first moonshot!

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”Zürich Tower United 52 Heavy Runway 14, cleared to land!“

Really nice pictures and a very well showed beautiful approach into Zurich with the stunning scenery. Thanks for sharing!

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Great shots! I haven’t seen a topic from you on awhile. Nice work!

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Now those are some really neat shots! The moon shot is my favorite.

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Nice picture! This is one of the routes I am going to do on the reworked 77W

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@Anshul28 thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words!

@KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks!

@JulianB that was probably my favorite picture I took. Thank you aswell!

@Sashaz55 it has been awhile, going to try and post more!

@TestFlight009 thank you very much!

@AZ001 hopefully we get that United livery!