United 506's Unfortunate Flight

This is a picture of the United flight 506

The flight took-off from San Clemente due to bad weather I had reject take-off. Since I found out that I couldn’t take-off because my flaps were at 10 degrees. I know I shouldn’t had it 10 degrees so I took-off from runway 06 when tower didn’t clear me. During my take-off the back fuselage struck the tail of an A321 while I was pitching up. I knew I couldn’t stay up in the air so I decided to land at San Diego airport. During my climb the turbulence was rough and the plane was shaking a lot. During my decent it was stressful. Since my fuselage was struck I was barely above 500 feet AGL. The plane pitched up because it was trying to climb up. I knew that it could have stalled so I switched off autopilot and took the controls myself. I was on final for runway 27. Since my low airspeed one the plane got on the ground it slowed rapidly. I know I was able to save my passengers from death.
This is what happened on PG. The plane was the B737-900.


-reads the title-

What happend???

-Finds out it’s just a normal day in PG-

(Goes on the advance server)


Same reaction, apart from the crying bit…

Well that’s 30s of my life I will never get back…


I know this is a normal playground thing but I thought it would be cool make it more dramatic.

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Yeah I was talking about in IF I know I wasted peoples time. Sorry if I wasted time for you to do something else. :(