United 2124 Trip Report

I decided to post a trip report from one of my recent flights back in June. Hope you enjoy!

Flight Details
Airline: United
Aircraft: 737-800
Route: IAD-LAX
Flight Time: 5 hours 15 minutes

Beginning to taxi

Departure over a field

View of Albuquerque airport

Delicious food

Southwest flying only a few thousand feet below

Landing with a view of the FedEx terminal

Taxiing to the gate next to an Asiana Cargo 747F

Overall Review

All of the following are rated out of 10

Category Rating
Interior (Legroom/space) 8/10
Service 8/10
Food 10/10!
Landing 9/10

Anything else that I didn’t rate above that you would like to hear about let me know!

Thanks for viewing! Have a great rest of your day.


Love this route, Thank you for taking your time out to share this amazing adventure with the community. 🥰

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Thank you!

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I couldn’t be more jealous of the airplane food

Great photos my friend

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Nah i’m jealous that they GOT food with United on a Domestic flight

Nice review!


I forgot to mention I was in first class


nice trip report

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amazing trip report!

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Nice view my grandparents live in Albuquerque


Speaking of the food, airline food doesn’t taste that good and look good.

Just depends on what you get

Speaking of airline food, budget airlines tends to be the worst even Scoot (which has first class). On budget airlines (mostly) you have to buy the food and for Scoot they only serve light snack or worst the worst version of flag carrier food.

Now if your on Emirates anything tastes amazing 😉

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