United 2019 livery A320

Credit: Kerrigan_Aviation_NJ

Also can we get some votes for these too

I hope this does not get closed

Yes! I love this livery! I will try to clear a vote for this!

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There are a few other posts I wanted to also feature to get them voted but I love United and I want to see them grow even in the sim

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Maybe we could get this livery added in 2021!


Most likely not but I hope it does get added

Would love to see this added as well as the A319 added in evo blue and the older livery!

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Just which older livery are you referring too? There’s are so many! 😀 Battleship, Tulip, and Continental were all used on the A320’s!

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I am out of votes because of how many evo blue liveries I have voted for but I really hope this comes!

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