United 2019 A321

United Airlines has A321’s, but no livery on the A321 in Infinite Flight. Its addition to the game would be great as it gives players another United plane to play in the game.

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Well we don’t have the A321neo, hence why we don’t have a United A321 since United doesn’t have the A321-200, which is only A321 variant we have in here

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Even if we had the NEO, there are 16 UA liveries already in game (19 if you count UA Express), you don’t need another one.


It’d be better to ask for the Evo Blue A320/A319 which I think already has requests


The Evo blue CRJ2!! its still in the old old livery😭

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well no joke i’ve seen a United A321 (not neo) at ewr before

Mandela effect, UAL never operated the A321-200ceo.


so witch one did they

The recently received the A321neo, but never the A321ceo.