United 1175 cowling separates from engine on B772


United flight UA1175 landed in Honolulu safely this afternoon after losing the cowling on the front of its right engine during the flight from San Francisco.

UA1175 was operated by N773UA, a 777-200 operated by 2 PW4077 engines. The aircraft was first delivered to United in 1995.

Flight data and playback: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ua1175#106b682f

Video taken by a passenger of the aircraft in flight after the cowling separated from the engine: https://twitter.com/erikhaddad/status/963545018890821632


I read this and immediately thought of the Air France A388 incident in which one of their engine cowling fell off. What causes these to just fall off?


Nice report, Robert!

Taking 6 days away from FVA to report a United incident…classic. Lol


Hey man I’m just relaxing and reading up on aviation I don’t normally look into. Found this tasty treat waiting for me 😛.

Cough* good job United! Great maintenance record ;)


Their maintenance record is actually superb. *cough Robert ;)

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At least the passengers still made it to Honolulu

TransPacific flights to Hawaii are interesting, most of the time if there is any issue onboard the easiest thing to do is go all the way to the islands since they are often closer halfway into the flight than returning to the West Coast.

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It’s a 23 year old plane maybe that is part of it. The older the plane the harder to maintain.


Actualy got the alert from flight radar 24, and started listening to ATC from LiveATC.net app, then disapointingly I had toutering before I heard anything from him

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I was tracking it when FR24 made my phone go off I just see it really low and too far to be getting ready for landing and the graph showed sudden drop in speed so I knew it was an emergency and I was right. I’m just glad veeryone is ok

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I was also tracking the flight on FR24. I didn’t listen to ATC though, but when I first saw pictures of the cowling off, I almost yelled “oh my!” Could have been very deadly. I can’t imagine what would have happened if that big bird came crashing down into either the ocean or Honolulu. Glad that they made it out though.


Pratt & Whitney has been having some troubles as of late. First the A320neo GTF issues last week, now this (an issue with the PW4077), and just a few hours ago, a Delta A330-200 with PW4168A engines had some trouble leaving Lagos, forcing it to turn back and evacuate just after take-off (see http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/atlanta-bound-delta-flight-makes-emergency-landing-in-nigeria/699340345).

Where does United have maintenance done on their PW4077’s? Is it done in-house, or at another MRO facility? I’d say we should ask them a few questions, as well as Pratt & Whitney. This is the second time in 3 years that a Pratt 4000-112 series engine had an issue (the other was KE2708 in 2016, where a PW4098, which is in the same family as the PW4077, had an engine fire in Tokyo-Haneda).

Crazy, I think they should be reinforced stronger. Same I thought if the A388 incident 😬

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It’s fourth 777 Boeing produced. Shame to see that one of test airframes wasn’t well maintained.



Most people on the plane would lose their heads when they see that. But my man here couldn’t hold back his sense of humor. 😎


When doesn’t United have an incident of some sort is my question

That’s legit funny 😂 man I would have loved to be sitting next to him.


Looks like they lost the front fan shroud. Generally, once this goes for whatever reason, the engine cowl behind (behind the shroud but in front of the reverser doors) gets exposed to 500kt+ winds! Something it’s supposed to be protected from!

Hence that tends to shed as well. The reverser doors will generally stay attached as they are designed to take a far higher aerodynamic load.

Interesting to know if the Vib warning was caused by the fan digesting some of the shroud. It looks scrappy and will screw up your intake aerodynamics but, if the ‘donk’ didn’t eat some of the shroud it should keep running.

Not nice a nice sight for the punters though!

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