Unique visitors to KTIK

Greetings IFC,

It is not too often I get to share things with everyone but this morning I got to snag some decent up close pics of some unique visitors to KTIK over the last couple of weeks. Due to exercises happening somwhere in the lower 48, there has been an uptick in fighter traffic at KTIK.

So without further delay here are some visuals I’ve been fortunate to capture.

Disclaimer: these were taken on my phone so quality may be not up to par.

Cheers IFC and enjoy!

Eielson AFB AK F-35s

Egland AFB FL F-15C

Elmendorf AFB AK F-22A


Amazing pictures! The second one is impressive!

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Wow. Those f22s are awesome

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Nice pictures! Just want to say that Elmendorf AFB is not the base with F-35s, It’s Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, AK.

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I stand corrected lol. Good catch!

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It’s all good. It’s great to see them flying in the lower 48 just as it was seeing them fly in AK.

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Agreed, our transient ramp here has been pretty full up past few weeks and luckily my office sits right on top of the main apron so I get to see everything that comes through.

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That’s pretty cool.

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