Unique View of Hong Kong

Hello, I went spotting at Hong Kong recently and decided to try out a new spot. Let me know what your think!

Scoot 787

GetJet A330?! never heard of this

ANA Cargo 767

Cathay 748F

Qatar 777F

Kalitta 747F

Singapore A350


You really did find a nice angle for spotting. Great shots πŸ‘

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Nice spotting place and photos ! Hope to spot at HK soon lol

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Funny enough I captured this on departure out of Sydney this morning.


Great shot! It’s a small world!

It’s been doing cabin cargo flights to my knowledge operating on behalf of another company. Today was the third time it visited Sydney and the first time they left on time as the past 2 times one of the crew tested positive

Ah okay. I saw it was registered in Lithuania and they do charters for some European airlines, I guess they do some cargo charters as well.

These are by far the best pics I have seen from Hong Kong. Amazing job!


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Amazing shots! 😍

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Amazing shots I loved it 😍

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I wanna go spotting here so bad! Amazing shots man!

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Thanks! Yeah it’s certainly a great airport to spot at.

Awesome shots! Smokey touchdown shots are some of my favourites.

Seems like a great spot to photograph at Hong Kong.

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Love the pics

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You did good on the angle!

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